The Dreamers, The Thinkers and The Doers


Meet the team who constantly question, challenge and tinker at every turn.  This strong collaborative leadership meet, discuss, debate, create content, build products, launch campaigns, design systems and then some — all to build and grow the brand Physis we all hold so closely to our determined hearts.


Kirstyn is the Owner of Physis and jack of all trades. Coming from a Tech background, her drive and focus on systems and process development have been at the forefront of her management.

Kirstyn rides a Harley Davidson and loves collecting art (she is most proud to own a Vladimir Kush!).



As the Marketing Manager, Ken is responsible for all aspects of market research and promotion. Ken spends most of his days organising research groups, collecting data and running review promotions.


​Ken loves his motors and can name nearly every single vehicle on the road.  You will often find Ken comparing the features of his bike with Kirstyn's!


Neerasha is our Finance Manager and the gal who keeps us all in check. All accounts run through her and she keeps a keen eye on profits, corporate tax and budgeting as well as assisting with the development of systems.

Neerasha is a mother and an avid star gazer.  She has some epic shots of the night sky and you will often find her logging hours while burning the midnight oil!


Mary is our Customer Care Manager and has often been referred to as the hamster at the wheel. Her relentless commitment to attending to every customer need has made her an indispensable asset to Physis.  


Mary loves showing photos of her two Grandchildren to anyone who will look!  She also enjoys popping out for coffee and cake and travelling around Europe (for similar reasons ;).


Victoria is our Operations Manager and is responsible for the quality of the product going out. Victoria works like a machine and never complains about the late nights and weekend work that we so often throw at her.


Victoria is known by her colleagues and friends as Vi.  She has three cats, a dog and a tortoise named Nigel. Vi is originally from Cardiff and is currently studying, part-time, a Environmental Sciences Degree.


Atri is our dedicated healthcare specialist with credentials and experience in both allopathic and complementary medicines.  Atri provides a qualified consultation service on the Physis products and ensures only the very best is being formulated in our name.

Atri lives in South Africa and enjoys playing golf in her spare time. She runs her own Practice and offers private consultation services to customers wishing to better manage their health.

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