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The Dreamers, The Thinkers and The Doers


Meet the team who constantly question, challenge and tinker at every turn.  This strong collaborative leadership meet, discuss, debate, create, launch, design and then some — all to build and grow the brand Physis we all hold so closely to our determined hearts.


Kirstyn is the Director of Physis and founder of our beloved brand. Having represented South Africa in Synchronised Swimming and Freshwater Lifesaving as well as Kwa-Zulu Natal in Swimming and Netball, her insight into the vast complexities and transformation of diet and nutrition is backed with over two decades of experience at the forefront of health and fitness.  Kirstyn is British-South African and has a home in both Wales and Zululand.  


 As the Facility Manager, Ken is responsible for all aspects of equipment, supply, scheduling and production. Ken spends most of his days coordinating schedules, collaborating with manufacturers, maintaining equipment and replenishing over 200 unique items of stock.  Ken is our very own encyclopedia on anything motor related.  He is an avid motorsports fanatic and can name and detail nearly every single vehicle on the road!


Neerasha is our Finance Manager and the employee who keeps us all in check. All accounts run through her and she is responsible for multi-country VAT management, budgeting and the development of systems.  Neerasha is a mother and an avid star gazer.  She has some epic shots of the night sky and you will often find her logging hours while burning the midnight oil!


Mary is our Customer Care Manager and has often been referred to as the hamster at the wheel. Her relentless commitment to attending to every customer need has made her an indispensable asset to Physis.  Mary loves showing photos of her two Grandchildren to anyone who will look!  She also enjoys popping out for coffee and cake and travelling around Europe (for similar reasons ;).



As our full time Warehouse Operative Darren is responsible for the safe food handling, production of the weekly schedules and machine maintenance and cleaning. Darren is a father of three boys and an avid outdoorsman.  When he is not working at the Facility, you will find Darren enjoying the outdoors with his children, working on new projects and planning his family's next adventure.

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