History of Physis Probiotics

Over the years we have researched, tweeked and perfected an exclusive blend of biotics and today we are able to offer one some of the highest CFU values on the market in among some specific strains and formulations that target specific symptom.


Today we have tried and tested six different Probiotics/Prebiotics that offer a host of unique benefit to aid a number of different ailments.

Physis 50 Billion CFU Probiotics

This is the front runner of our range and most notably one of Amazon's top sellers within the supplement range. With 50 billion Colony Forming Units ina variety of 10 different active and live strains, Advanced Probiotics provides effective results for:

- gut related symptoms 

- post antibiotic treatment

- General health both mentally & physically

Physis 50 Billion CFU Probiotics XL

In a push to please our loyal and long-term customers our Advanced Probiotics is also available in a convenient 3 months supply.  By doing this, we are able to save money on bottling, labour costs and handling fees and pass these savings on to the customers. 


This is a 3 months' supply...

for the price of 2!

Physis 50 Billion CFU Probiotics Smart

To cater for those just looking for reparations after a course of antibiotics, we have introduced the Physis Advanced Probiotics Smart Pack. This little bottle contains 10 x 50 Billion CFU Capsules ...


500 Billion Colony Forming Units will enter your body in 5 days and give a punch of multiflora your gut will be crying out for!

Physis Reformist Probiotics

Our Physis Reformist Probiotics was born from Customer requests to offer a probotic, similar to our Advanced Probiotics, that was suitable for Vegans and that could offer a more flexibility in the CFU content.


As a result, we have accumulated a capsule that contains 23 Billion CFU and offers a daily intake of up to 46 Billion CFU depending on the needs and results that the Customer wants to see!

Physis Bacillus Coagillan Probiotic

Physis Probiotic Bacillus Coagulans is a stable, effective probiotic which specialises in inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria. 

Studies have shown fantastic results in combating:

-Symptoms of SIBO (abdominal pain, flatulence, and diarrhea)

- The prevention of urinary tract infections

Physis Prebiotic Bio-Fuel

Physis Prebiotics fuels the good bacteria in your gut and increases the body's production of the health-boosting short-chain fatty acids (also known as SCFA) which is absorbed into the bloodstream. This is turn can improve your metabolic health and is the perfect treatment for mild to severe gut issues.

Frequently asked questions

Over the years we have noticed a few similar questions popping up more regularly than others.  It is for this reason that we have compiled a list of our most common questions.

No question is a bad question so if you do not see the answer to your question below, why not pop us a message?  


No question is a bad question, so if you do not see your answer above why not pop us a message?  

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