• BECOME A GERM FIGHTING FORTRESS - Using the best natural germ fighting ingredients, such as Lemon Balm Powder and Monolaurin. Lemon Balm powder is renowned for its immune boosting properties and has been linked to reduced anxiety. Monolaurin is derived from coconuts and is famed for its antiviral and antifungal properties.
  • POWERFUL & POTENT FORMULA - Containing a unique blend of 5 natural plant based ingredients in higher doses than you would find in other products, giving you the essential immune system vitamins and nutrients in dosages that will produce sensational results in the long term and provide an unmatched experience.
  • IMPERIOUS IMMUNITY - Providing a castle-like wall of immunity. Germs won't stand a chance, unable to penetrate the immense defences of your mighty immune system. Expertly blended using science alongside the most effective vitamins and minerals to blow pathogens away and formulated with natural and pure echinacea, known for its germ fighting properties.
  • 5 RAPID ACTING INGREDIENTS - Fortified with 5 active plant based ingredients that absorb super fast and translate the power of mother nature into your immune system. Echinacea Purpurea Root, Monolaurin, Lemon Balm Powder, Mullein Leaf and Organic Cat's Claw are scientifically formulated together to provide an unrivalled immune complex.
  • 100% NATURAL & PURE IMMUNE DEFENCE - Every single one of our immunity booster capsules is manufactured to excellent quality and purity standards, containing zero artificial chemicals, fillers or preservatives. Our immune support tablets provide a key role in constructing your defences. Derived from plant sources so they are perfect for vegetarians and vegans too.


Introducing Physis Immunity Castle Defence – Immunity Booster including 5 functional immune boosting natural ingredients that will help your body to improve immune response and potentially protect against illness.


Among the largest contributors of reduced Immunity Defence include smoking & drinking,  unbalanced diet, lack of exercise, sleepless night, grief, low vitamin D levels, certain medications, not enough time outdoors, anxiety and stress.


Directions for Use:  Two capsules daily, morning or evening - ideally 30 minutes before eating of drinking.



Capsules "0" Veg (HPMC) Clear:  - Mullein Leaf Extract, Lemon Balm Powder, Lemon Balm Powder, Cats Claw Powder, Monolaurin, Echinacea Purpurea Root Extract, Stearic Acid


Echinacea Purpurea Root: Research shows Echinacea to increase the number of white blood cells which fight infections. This popular herb is used to increase general immune system functioning, prevent and treat the common cold, flu and known to assist in upper respiratory tract infections.


Lemon Balm: Lemon balm, part of the mint family, is often used as an immune boosting tea.  It is a digestive aid that is more commonly known to calm those suffering from depression, insomnia, and anxiety.


Mullein Leaf: The silvery green leaves and bright yellow flowers of mullein have been utilised for thousands of years in traditional herbalism. It has long been used as a lung herb, acting as an expectorant and a soothing, healing tonic for hot and dry lungs with a barky cough. The chemicals in mullein might be able to fight infections, however more research is needed.


Monolaurin: Monolaurin is derived from coconuts. It is lauric acid which is a strong antiviral, encouraging immune health and general wellness. Monolaurin is also indicated in digestive disorders and inflammatory conditions. It has also shown to be effective against a host of viruses along with checking the growth of fungal and urinary tract infections.


Organic Cats Claw: Cat's claw is believed to support the immune system and fight infections more effectively by increasing the number of white blood cells. The anti-inflammatory properties could be responsible for these immune benefits by boosting the immune response and calming an overactive immune system


Are they Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians?

Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians, both the capsule itself and the ingredients are derived from plant sources. Immunity Castle Defence, in a capsule form, is the best defence to keep your immune system performing optimally. The shelf life and the potency of the ingredients remain in full force until the date of expiration.


How long should I take Immunity Castle Defence  for?

Many customers may choose to take the Immunity Castle Defence Supplement as a once off to serve as quick fix immunity booster, but long term use of this product is recommended to safeguard your body against illnesses caused by bacteria, viruses, or other microorganisms (pathogens).


As with all our food supplements, we would recommend that you should always listen to your body during and after the treatment.  If the relieved symptoms reappear after the treatment has been completed you may want to consider more regular support for your liver factory.



Physis Castle Defence Immune Booster Supplement

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