Physis Herbal Immune Booster & Modulator | Immunity Stimulation & Viral Inhibitor | Including Echinacea & Cats Claw | 3 Month Supply | Immune System Balance Booster for Strong Immune System | Vegan


Introducing Physis Herbal Immunity Modulator – including 5 plant-based principles that have been isolated for their potential immunomodulatory activity or foundational support of the innate and adaptive immune response.


This herbal intervention has been formulated to stimulate the immunity and its’ participation of pre-existent mechanisms.




About this item

  • BECOME A GERM FIGHTING FORTRESS - At Physis, our herbal immune system modulator uses only the best ingredients, such as Lemon Balm Powder and Monolaurin. Lemon Balm powder is renowned for its immune boosting properties and has been linked to reduced anxiety. Monolaurin is derived from coconuts and is famed for its antiviral and antifungal properties. Both of these ingredients provide a vital immune boost to construct your immunity fortress and provide an immune system boost.
  • POWERFUL & POTENT FORMULA - Unlike other products, at Physis, we have dialed our natural ingredients to another level of potency. Our immune support supplements contain a unique blend of 5 natural plant based ingredients in higher doses than you would find in other products. We decided to do this so we could give you the essential immune system nutrients in dosages that will produce results in the short and long term and provide an unmatched experience.
  • IMPERIOUS IMMUNITY - Our herbal immunity modulator has one key goal, to promote a diverse, castle-like wall of immunity against harmful virus and bacteria. Our immunity supplements are expertly blended using cutting edge science alongside the most effective researched traditional herbs to blow pathogens out the water. Our immune booster supplement is formulated with natural and pure echinacea, known for its germ fighting properties.
  • 5 RAPID ACTING INGREDIENTS - Our immunity support complex is fortified with 5 active plant based ingredients that are absorbed almost instantly and translate the power of mother nature into your immune system. Echinacea Purpurea Root, Monolaurin, Lemon Balm Powder, Mullein Leaf and Organic Cat's Claw are scientifically formulated together to provide an unrivalled immune complex. With echinacea immune support, your immune system will have laser-like focus on germs.
  • 100% NATURAL & PURE IMMUNE DEFENCE - Every single one of our immunity modulating capsules is manufactured under strict UK quality and standards, containing zero artificial chemicals, fillers or preservatives. We know that it is vital to have a strong and healthy immune system and our immune support capsules provide a key role in constructing your defences. Our capsules are derived from plant sources so they are perfect for vegetarians and vegans too.


The immune system is a complex balance of microbial cells, organs, tissues and proteins that drive the body’s ability to identify, respond and resist infectious and potentially harmful microorganisms, enabling the body to prevent or fight disease and inhibit organ and tissue damage.


Relying on supplements to simply (and temporarily) boost your immune system can be compared to building a house made of straw. There is extra protection for a while, but we all know how that story ends without the right foundations. 




Physis believes that the onus should be placed on maintaining a balanced immune system so, when you are exposed to different bacteria and viruses, your immunity can react quickly and effectively.


The strategic breakdown of Physis Herbal Immunity Modulator:

Echinacea Purpurea Root: Research shows Echinacea is an effective modulator of the macrophage immune responses in vitro.  It works to increase the number of white blood cells which fight infections, increase general immune system functioning, prevent and relieve symptoms of colds and flus.

Lemon Balm: Part of the mint family, this herb contains chemicals that are shown to have sedative and soothing effects. Lemon Balm is more commonly known to calm, reduce sleeplessness and ease anxiety – all contributors that would otherwise weaken the innate immune system over time.

Mullein Leaf:  The silvery green leaves and bright yellow flowers of mullein have been utilised for thousands of years in traditional herbalism as a therapy to modulate the function of immune cells, predominantly in the respiratory system. Most noted effects are to help open the lungs, ease chest tightness and soothe the irritation and dryness of whooping coughs.

Monolaurin: Monolaurin is derived from coconuts. It is lauric acid which is a strong antiviral that stimulates immune health and general wellness. Monolaurin is also beneficial for digestive disorders and inflammatory conditions and is shown to be effective against a host of viruses, along with checking the growth of fungal and urinary tract infections.

Cats Claw: Several identified properties of cat's claw have made it attractive to medical researchers for boosting the immune response and calming an overactive immune system. Known by its Spanish name Uña de Gato (“life-giving vine of Peru”), it has compounds that boast a range of health benefiting effects including immune modulating, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory.


What are the benefits of a Herbal Immunity Modulator?

Resist infection: Physis Herbal Immunity Modulator has been formulated to help balance, suppress and stimulate the innate and adaptive immune response to help promote the body’s resistance to infection and illness.

Reduce symptoms: In the face of illness, your symptoms are a sign that your body is fighting back against the infection or virus.  If you have a weak immune system, your body will take longer to fight foreign bodies.

Improve Recovery: A well-balanced immune system will see shorter recovery times and an improved “bounce back” rate. Ever had a lingering cold for months on end?  This may be a sign that you immune system is not performing as it should.


While Physis Herbal Immunity Modulator is effective as a stand alone product, they can be taken in conjunction with multivitamins for overall health & vitality.  Check out our “Physis Vitamies for men” or “Physis Vita-Femme for women” if you are looking for guaranteed ingredient cohesion.  Please chat to your GP if you are currently taking medication.


Physis Herbal Immune Booster & Modulator - Three Month Supply

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