• A FESTIVAL OF FRIENDLY BACTERIA - A fiesta of friendly bacteria to keep junior guts in gorgeous health. Our kids biotic supplement contains 24 billion CFU per capsule! This includes friendly bacteria superstars such as Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Salivarius, known for their ability to fend off bad bacteria and keep your child's gut in pristine condition.
  • SUPPORT & PROTECT DIGESTION - As kids develop, their digestive system is more sensitive to changes. It is important to nourish the gut with child-specific friendly bacteria which helps children grow strong. Our probiotic for kids is blended with bowel blessing Bacillus Coagulans, fantastic for keeping young guts healthy. Every bacterium in our kids' probiotic is pure, natural and nourishing.
  • KIND, GENTLE & EFFECTIVE - For our strains to be a success, we needed to blend effectiveness with a gentle touch, creating a kid's biotic formula that is both protective and gentle, making an environment for friendly bacteria to flourish. A gentle comforting balance within the gut will propel your child towards a healthy microbiome.
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE & DEVELOPED BY EXPERTS - Our industry-leading custom biotics capsules are formulated with an exclusive combination common & well researched strains. Every bottle contains 24 Billion CFU per capsule and FIVE powerful active and live strains of bacteria for your little one. The quality of our products extends from production through to service.
  • POTENCY UNTIL EXPIRATION DATE - Your child will receive 24 Billion CFU per capsule until the expiration date. No refrigeration needed. Refrigerated upon production to keep the biotics viable. An overage is then added to ensure survival in a capsule during the delivery and shelf life of the product. You can be certain that the strains will be alive and ready to work when your child needs them most.


With FIVE carefully selected active strains of bacteria, Physis Multistrains Junior offers all round support for:

- digestion; stool movements; nutrient intake; immunity; physical and dental development


Q: How big is the capsule?

Size 0 capsule. Perfect for kids 7 years and older.



It can be hard to give your child the very best in diet and nutrition with every snack and every meal, every day of your child’s life. To the parents that achieve this, you are our heroes. For the rest of us, it is fine to ask for a little extra help and support here and there!


Children need a healthy and diverse flora in the digestive tract to be able to absorb nutrients, fight off illness and develop some of the most vital organs for functioning in their growing bodies. Without this healthy diversity, immunity dwindles, harmful bacteria thrive and organ development and performance decreases.



  • They suss out the environment. Our little bacterial strains are like super smart agents! The Multistrains that treat loose bowel movements can also treat the passing of dry and hard stools. Multistrains go in, have a "close look" at the environment and figure out what is needed. They respond intelligently by either down-regulating inflammation or up-regulating your child’s immune response.
  • They act like bouncers. "We'll let you stay here, but you can't release your toxin," say our Multistrains to the pathogens. Certain bacterial strains act like bouncers at a party by producing compounds that prevent the release of toxins, rendering bad bugs pretty useless and consequently harmless.
  • They build up the gut's barrier. Certain strains found in our Physis Multistrains Junior strengthen the binding between cells and stimulate mucus production. With the structure of cells so firmly sealed together, it becomes the perfect barrier to protect your child’s gut from the problematic bugs.
  • They clean up the slime. During infection, the bacteria in the gut creates a "gooey-like" substance called "biofilm", compared to the build up of slime underneath a boat. Physis Multistrains Junior contains strains that produce a soap-like material that breaks up this biofilm and speeds up recovery time.
  • They starve out pathogens. Since the good bact eria compete with the bad guys for food, Multistrains Junior keeps harmful pathogens in check by making it hard for them to feed in the gut environment. With 24 Billion CFU taken per day, in one month Physis Multistrain Juniors will have introduced 720 billion active strains of bacteria into your child’s system - not leaving much opportunity for the nasty bacteria to thrive!
  • Benefits filter through to organs. The condition of your child’s gut is often a reflection of overall health. Episodes of distraction, anxiety and irritation may be experienced more frequently in children with gastrointestinal problems. Customer feedback to Physis communicate improved sleep patterns and a noticeable “calmness” after using our Multistrains Junior.


Q: How long should my child take Physis Multistrains Junior?
Underlying health conditions: Use continuously for regular maintenance, control of gut flora balance and increased immunity. Please seek advice from a physician if the child is taking other medication or you wish for a second opinion.

Improving health and immunity: Use continuously – prevention is always the best cure! One capsule a day, is gentle enough to do its work in the background.

Short term treatment: Used after a spout of illness or gut ailments, assisting with flora disruption caused by medication or change in lifestyle, sleeping patterns and/or diet.

    Physis Multistrains Junior – 24 Billion CFU for Children Ages 7+ (30 Veggie)