1 x Bottle of Physis Reformist Probiotics


  • Reform your gut and give it the mechanism to function and perform as it should.
  • Physis Reformist Probiotics is free from artificial colours, flavours, yeast, wheat, soya and gluten
  • Physis Reformist Probiotic, with 23 billion CFU in each capsule, boasts five of the very best in researched complimentary strains of good bacteria.
  • Ethically sourced probiotic is free from animal testing or ingredients
  • Proudly Manufactured in the UK. 100% money back Guarantee.

Quality over Quantity.


With 60 capsules in a bottle, Physis presents a new update to our probiotic range – now including one of the highest strength of CFU content per gram in one capsule. 


Benefits of Physis Reformist Probiotic:



Physis Reformist Probiotic helps the body to absorb nutrients and keep a balance of good bacteria. Physis Probiotics ensure that natural balance is restored to the body, promoting a diverse balanced environment of multi flora.

Physis Reformist Probiotics can assist in:


  • promote nutrient absorption
  • helping with the digestion of dairy foods
  • the breakdown of carbohydrates, fats and protein into smaller components;
  • easing gut irritations, gas and bloating.


Why Physis?


With over 1m happy customers, Physis have honed our skills in creating a range of Probiotics that offers more than just the generic off the shelf product. We pride ourselves in research and development and are continually updating and growing to ensure our Customers.


This ethically sourced probiotic is free from animal testing or ingredients and is produced in the UK with a formulation that is unique and specific to Physis.


Doing our bit for the planet.


Our bottle manufacturer is only providing us with multi-use plastic bottles instead of single-use, meaning that we and our customers can recycle each and every bottle after use, knowing that it can be utilised in other ways and means.


We have also partnered up with Wastesavers Charitable Trust (Charity No. 1116150) who ensure our production waste will be recycled and disposed in a sustainable manner.


We are committed to listening, adapting and demanding more from our own Company and the role we play in looking after our planet.

Physis Reformist Probiotics | 23 Billion CFU Per Capsule - SINGLE

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