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For a long time, berries have been recognised as a superfood, providing powerful antioxidants promoting a number of health benefits. It is not, however, the whole fruit that is known as the raspberry ketone, but a small part of its makeup.


It is this tiny molecule that has got Physis excited!


What are Raspberry Ketones?


The raspberry ketone is one of about 200 molecules found in raspberries. It is the molecular structure of the raspberry ketones that caught the eye of scientists in the early 2000’s. Researchers noticed that there is a similarity in the molecular structure of the raspberry ketones to that of capsaicin - the chemical that is responsible for the heat in the chilli peppers.


How will I benefit from taking Physis Premium Pure Raspberry


The similarity to capsaicin is what sparked interest around the world as a weightloss aid. Studies have found this little compound may help speed up metabolism, reduce fat tissue as well curb overeating by reducing appetite. Similar benefits to that of eating whole chillies (without the burn on both ends!).


Further studies concluded that the raspberry ketone increased the breakdown of lipid molecules within fat cells and it was found that the fat cells were stimulated to secrete more of the protein called adiponectin. Adiponectin is hormone released by fat cells to regulate metabolism and blood sugar levels, as well as to break down stored fat.


How are Physis any different?


Because the raspberry ketone is still in the early stages of development, much study is currently being undertaken to conclusively prove that the raspberry ketone aids weight loss in humans. Physis has formulated a high strength capsule containing 1000mg of the raspberry ketone compound.


We offer no frills or empty promises with our products and acknowledge that some people will experience incredible results using it and others fewer benefits. We understand that every body is different and the variation of effect may vary. We therefore stand behind a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee which means that our customers will never be out of pocket if you do not feel any effects. Our product contains no caffeine or ingredients that may overstimulate. What have you got to lose but your weight?

Raspberry Ketones - Weight Loss Supplement - 1000milligram - For Men and Woman -

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