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What are the discounts?

What are the discounts?

How does it work?

  1. All Physis Customers are automatically placed onto the Loyalty Programme.

  2. Every month we review the Amazon purchases from the previous 6 months and identify the qualifying Customers.

  3. At the start of each new month, we will email a discount code (valid for one month) to all the qualifying Customers who are entitled to our Loyalty Discount.

  4. This discount code can be applied to any product within our range and may be used as many times as the Customer wishes for the validity of that month.

  5. Each Physis Advanced Probiotic XL counts as 2 product purchases.

  6. Customers who are not entitled to a Loyaly Discount Code will not receive an email, nor will we spam our customers. 

  7. Our emails to qualifying Customers are short and sweet - simply letting the Customer know of their discount code available to them.

  8. At any time a qualifying Customer can ask to be excluded from this Loyalty Programme and there will be no further correspondence on the subject.

Our Heroes, Champs and Pros.

What are the discounts?


Physis Heroes

These are the stars in the Physis Kingdom! These Customers have purchased more than 8 Physis products in 6 months and are topping the leader board on purchases with our company.  They really are our Physis Heroes! 

Physis Heroes get 12% off every month


Physis Champs

We don't just call anyone our Champion - but crikey - do they deserve it! These Customer's have purchased 6 or 7 Physis Products in 6 months. They are amongst the reigning Champions in our Physis Loyalty World. 

Physis Champs get 8% off every month


Physis Pros

If support and loyalty was a job - these Customers would be professionals! Our Physis Pros have purchased 4 or 5 Physis Products in 6 months. Their contribution towards our continued growth has not gone unnoticed and they deserve a reward!

Physis Pros get 6% off every month

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