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All orders placed for UK deliveries will take 3 - 5 working days to be delivered from date of order.


We are aware that other companies offer free, same- or next-day shipping. That is why we've set up this little section; to explain how we operate and why we're different.


Free and fast delivery is great. But, since we're operating a small business that is built on cost reductions, neither of the two are available without making a few big sacrifices.

And we don't want to do that - fast and cheap is not quite the image we are going for - we prefer quality, accuracy and consistency!

We're not like other online shops with tons of stock. Instead, most of our products are produced on a bi-weekly schedule according to the previous sales history and forecasted month.  

We then send most of the stock out to Amazon's fulfillment centres and only keep a small portion of stock behind for orders via our website and eBay. 

Since we don’t hold a lot of stock, we can work with a cheaper, medium-sized warehouse, instead of a mega-warehouse and we’re saving lots on not needing any additional processes involved in handling and storage.

The practice of not holding majority stock is one of the core principles behind the Physis success and allows us to be competitive in a corporation market.

What does this mean?

Produce on Demand (POD) and Commission Free.

This means that often your orders on the website are POD. This can take a little extra time to update and include into our Production Schedule and with Courier "pick ups" only 3 times a week we do not want to give you empty promises of next day delivery.

On a more positive note;-


While we may not be as fast as Amazon you benefit from not having the extra fees and commission these platforms add onto the selling price.

So if you don't mind the extra wait for your order, order directly with us and you will be guaranteed the best price online anywhere!!

... Amazon or direct, which ever you prefer

- we are happy if you are!


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