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Welcome to Physis Nutrition.

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Physis Philosophy:

We believe that the outdated philosophies on Nature verse Nurture do not account for the interaction and dependency between the two.


Without one, there would not be the other.

As modern science progresses, our conscious minds develop and the understanding of the world around us expands. We are increasingly able to delve deeper into the sub microscopic world and disclose the tangled web of interconnections between nature and nurture.


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In a supplement market that is clouded with repeats, identical ingredients in bottles from multiple brands, big promises and unethical competition, it is no wonder so many choose not to include food supplements in their health regime. And we do not blame them.

To fully understand what happens behind closed doors and to utterly appreciate our intention and end goal, please indulge us while we fill you in on a few certain details.



Most of the supplements on conglomerate online marketplaces are produced by only a small selection of manufacturers in the UK and abroad. Most manufacturers do not sell their own product to the consumer. Instead, manufacturers produce in bulk and businesses buy these products to sell to the public. 



The idea of 'Contactless Manufacturing' can be very appealing to anyone who wants to start up an online Food Supplement business. It is simple. 


Start up a business anywhere in the world.  Find a manufacturer who offers bottled products.  Get the manufacturer to stick your label on it and then ship the products directly to fulfilment centres to sell to the public.


Voila! Without even seeing your final product and with the right tech and marketing know-how, you too can have a money-making online business.

For obvious reasons, this should raise a number of concerns for the consumer;


1 ) Where are the seller's supplements coming from?

2) How is quality of product monitored by the seller?

3) What are the seller’s intentions?

4) What experience does the seller have in Diet & Nutrition?



The Physis Family is a team of dedicated staff with a variety of background experience ranging from pharmaceuticals to sport and fitness to IT to warehouse management to academic success and more.  While our experience may differ significantly, we all share the same aligned goal - to do our part in Wellness exploration and development for the benefit of society.  Our suppliers and manufacturers are based in the UK and Europe. Our first choice is to always source locally when

introducing new lines.



We are a Health & Wellness business first and foremost. We utilise platforms like Amazon and eBay to access the consumer market and give our message and products the best visibility possible. Physis do not offer nutritional supplements as a replacement for food. A balanced diet is always the best way for overall health and well being. Where diet alone is unavoidably lacking, that is where we step in. Physis are proud to offer a wide range of products  that have been carefully imagined and professionally manufactured.



We have our very own UK-based packaging facility with a production line and equipment engineered for safe food handling. All purchase orders are delivered to our site where the product is then inspected, stored, counted, bottled, labelled, sealed, and distributed. Our facility has been graded 5 out of 5 in Food Standards by the local Gwent Government. The machinery in our production line is serviced regularly and strict health & safety protocol controls are in place.



Physis are not afraid to challenge the boundaries of consumer perception and we resist succumbing to ill-informed market demand at the cost of quality.  We remain unapologetic in trying new formulas, exploring unique ideas, listening and learning.  If we succeed in opening another avenue for health and well-being for our society, then we have done our job. 

Balancing on Rocks


Physis endeavour to always put our customers above profit, aiming to be as transparent, open and supportive as our professional service allows us. We consider each and every customer, who has purchased our products and supported our journey, as part of our Physis Family. Aftercare service is an unwavering priority.

We are proud to now have the opportunity to advertise our products in various NHS Hospitals across the UK.  Look out for our Hospital exclusive discounts in Birmingham, London areas, Wales and Wiltshire!

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