Part of our story at Physis was the determination to build a Probiotic range that not only could offer multiple strains of the most effective biotics on the market, but to position them in a way that customers could enjoy a variety of choice according to their needs.


Physis specifically designed our Vitamin and Mineral range to help provide a vitamin rich environment to assist an active body with its needs. This range may help prevent vitamin deficiencies and provide more nutrients than diet alone. A solid Multivitamin and Mineral supplement is the foundation for tackling a number of various ailments. Take your pick!


Everyone needs a little help in some way or another to reach their health goals.  This range is designed to give a little push in the area you need most - whether it is adding support to your body organs to improve performance and functioning, or trying to burn those extra pounds, reduce your appetite and cravings, or detoxing your system for a fresh start and easing ailments naturally.


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