Part of our story at Physis was the determination to build a Probiotic range that not only could offer multiple strains of the most effective biotics on the market, but to position them in a way that customers could enjoy a variety of choice according to their needs.


Physis specifically designed our Vitamin and Mineral range to help provide a vitamin rich environment to assist an active body with its needs. This range may help prevent vitamin deficiencies and provide more nutrients than diet alone. A solid Multivitamin and Mineral supplement is the foundation for tackling a number of various ailments. Take your pick!


Everyone needs a little help in some way or another in reaching their health goals.  This range was designed to give a little push in the area you need most - whether it is when you are trying to burn those extra pounds, help reduce your appetite and cravings, detox your system for a fresh start or ease ailments naturally.

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